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Notice of Foreclosure Sales 

On July 14, 2008, DeWitt County Commissioner's Court voted to designate the patio area in front of the west door of the courthouse building, facing Gonzales Street, (building located at 307 N. Gonzales St.) as the area for sale of real property under contract lien as authorized by Texas Property Code 51.002.

Notice of Foreclosure/Trustee's Sales filed with the DeWitt County Clerk's office (time of sale is shown on the each notice listed below):

 #2024-001 KLC Transport, LLC -- Date of Sale 02/06/2024

#2024-002 Kimberly Calderon & Genaro Anthony Martinez, Jr. -- Date of Sale 03/05/2024

#2024-003 Benjamin Carl Ward Sr. -- Date of Sale 03/05/2024

#2024-004 Sean Alan Chance & Lanette Yavonne Chance -- Date of Sale 04/02/2024

#2024-005 Mark Vargas -- Date of Sale 03/05/2024

#2024-006 Ronnie Torres & Christina Wright -- Date of Sale 04/02/2024

#2024-007 Shawn C. Vastine & Candice Vastine -- Date of Sale 05/07/2024

#2024-008 Jason A. Gulling -- Date of Sale 05/07/2024

#2024-009 Mark Vargas --  Date of Sale 07/02/2024